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Concrete | Tyler Davenport Construction - Paducah, KY

At Tyler Davenport Construction, we deal in concrete for all projects, offering the quality and workmanship you have come to trust. Let us help you with all of your building needs.

We offer several types of concrete so that we can meet the needs of a diverse customer base.

There is a special skill involved in mixing standard concrete to provide the quality needed for your construction. Because of the different aggregates used in the mixture of standard concrete it must be mixed with the right percentages of ingredients so that all of the will be filled, making it stable and firm for use in your construction projects. You can rest assured that our concrete specialists can mix your concrete perfectly.

Standard concrete can be used in the construction of bridges, highways, houses and skyscrapers. The sky is the limit with concrete.

There are four types of concrete used in construction.

1. Ready Mix – This is the form of concrete that is used for the majority of projects. It is the concrete that is delivered to customers in the cement haulers with the spinning drums.

2. Concrete Masonry – These are building blocks that you have seen in some structures and its form has advanced to include all sorts of shapes and colors. Our professional staff will help with all of your needs in this areal

3. Cement Based Materials – This type of cement is used as mortar and grout, but also has uses in the area of roofing tiles, shake shingles and countertops.

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