Asphalt Sealing

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Asphalt Sealing | Tyler Davenport Construction - Paducah, KY

We offer asphalt sealing services with the same professional quality and workmanship as all of our other services. Our professionals have the training and equipment to stripe your parking lots or do striping on larger jobs such as major highway striping. No matter the size, we have what it takes to get the job done.

We repair your concrete and asphalt by filling cracks in parking lots, highways, sidewalks and driveways. Whatever the job we have the skills and equipment necessary to meet your needs. Filling cracks is not only necessary for making your place look better, it is important to fill in the cracks to prevent unfortunate accidents. Filling in the cracks prevents them from expanding, thus causing more problems. Before any cracks are filled they are cleaned of debris and then filled with a heated filling compound.

Asphalt sealing is used to protect concrete surfaces from the weather and roadways from frequent salting. The job of sealing concrete requires special equipment and training and we have what it takes to get the job done.

We also do concrete flat work where we use our equipment to seal and waterproof building foundations and their vertical wall joints. Our work is guaranteed and our promise is to give you the best quality job possible. When sealing flat concrete work where heavy trucks and forklifts travel frequently, it is important to apply sealant that will keep extension joints from cracking because of frequent use, yet to keep them pliant enough to do their job. The type of sealant used will depend upon environmental issues and the temperature ranges.

Call Tyler Davenport Construction today and talk to one of our professional representatives to discuss your asphalt sealing needs. We will give you an estimate based on the services you need and the time frame for the job.